How To Host An Intervention To Help A Loved One With An Addiction

If you have a loved one who suffers from a substance abuse problem, chances are you want them to stop their using patterns so they can start a recovery process. People who take drugs or overuse alcohol may benefit from an intervention session. This surprise meeting with the addict may help them think about their lifestyle in a way that prompts them to agree to receiving treatment. Here are some tips to consider when hosting an intervention so that it plays out smoothly, without frightening your loved one away from the help you wish for them to obtain.

Get Everyone On Board

Call people you think would have a positive influence on your loved one and ask them if they would be available to attend an intervention session. Do not invite anyone who is a substance abuser themselves. Ask each person what their schedule is like so you can determine a date, time, and place that works for the majority. Have each person write a note directed to your loved one regarding their addiction and how they would like to see them get help in stopping their substance usage. Tell them to make it heartfelt but direct. 

In an intervention, there is often an ultimatum given where the addict either accepts the help or realizes their friends and family will no longer be available to support their habit. Make sure each person attending is aware of this and that they agree with it beforehand. Before the date of the intervention, email, text, or call each person attending to remind them of the time and location you selected for the encounter.

Select A Comfortable Location

The spot you hold the intervention should be one where the addict will feel comfortable. If you hold the intervention in an unfamiliar location, there is a chance they will feel anxious. Instead, hold the intervention in a familiar place where your loved one spends much of their time and knows where exits are located. The familiarity of the spot will make them more apt to listen to what everyone has to say, as they won't be looking around searching for a way to get out.

Offer Help With Firmness

When your loved one arrives, they may think there is a surprise party or they may get be delighted to see people they haven't seen in a while. Someone will need to ask them to sit down and announce why they are there. Encourage them to listen to the people they have respect for. When each person gives their speech to the addict, have them end it with their reasoning for why they want the addict to get the help being offered. 

Tell your loved one they can be taken to a rehabilitation center at that very moment if they do not wish to lose the support of the people present. If they have been struggling with their addiction but really wish to stop their using habit, this may be the push they need to get into a facility for substance abuse treatment.