Keeping Your Parent Safe When You Need To Leave Your Home

If you live with a parent who has been showing signs of slowing down and difficulty with their mobility, you are most likely concerned about their well-being during this transitional time. Working outside of the home is bound to make you anxious during the period you are not around to watch over your parent. Here are some tips you can use to help in keeping your aging parent safe during your absence.

Install Rails And Place Items At A Reachable Level

Making a few enhancements to the layout of your home will help in keeping your parent from reaching for items or trying to gain their footing as they navigate through the rooms. Consider using hand rails along hallways where there are no other items to grasp onto. These can also be installed in the bathroom where moisture is prevalent, since this room is where slip and fall accidents are more likely due to moisture content in the area. Instead of placing items in hard to reach spots in cabinets or on top of shelving, bring them to a lower level where your parent will be able to access them without needing to stretch to do so.

Invest In A Cell Phone And Make Sure It Is Always With Your Parent

If your parent never used a cell phone in the past, they may be a bit apprehensive about having one to utilize. Invest in a simple flip-open phone with large push buttons so your relative can see the numbers easily. Give them a lesson on how to use the phone and program important numbers in the speed dial function so they can reach out to you or an emergency service right away if needed. Purchase a holster for your parent to hold the phone upon their belt or give your parent a sweater or vest with deep pockets to help in containing the phone so it is easy to reach if an emergency arises.

Consider Hiring Some Help When You Are Not In The Home

Calling a service to provide your parent with home care is a great way to relieve the stress in worrying about your loved one at times you are not able to be at home yourself. These services often have packages available for routine checks and you can schedule a senior care provider to be on your property throughout the time you are working to assist with daily tasks. This is a great alternative to having your parent go to an adult daycare or assisted living facility during your absence. Your parent will benefit from having companionship while remaining in an area where they feel comfortable.