2 Medications That Your OBGYN May Suggest You Take To Help You During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body goes through huge changes that can sometimes make you feel like your body is not your own. This is often because you crave things and feel things that you never have before and they are completely foreign to you. Thankfully, this is completely normal, and your OBGYN will likely reassure you of this at each appointment. Your OBGYN is going to be there to help you handle these changes and experiences, and they may even be able to give you some pregnancy safe medication to help you best deal with some of them. This article is going to discuss 2 medications that your OBGYN may suggest that you take to help you during pregnancy. 


One symptom that many pregnant women have to deal with is nausea. This is generally going to be a side effect of morning sickness, which most commonly happens during the first trimester. While the actual severity and length of the sickness are going to vary from woman to woman, the morning sickness can effectively be treated with anti-nausea pills that your doctor can prescribe. These pills are going to stop you from not only throwing up, but they can effectively take away the feeling of being nauseous. They are not going to harm your baby, which will allow you to get the relief you need without having to worry. Your doctor will likely recommend that you start off with taking just half a pill, to see how effective that is, and to take them only when needed. They will also likely recommend that you stop taking them as soon as nausea subsides. This will help reduce one of the side effects that come along with taking anti-nausea medication, which is constipation. 


Another big issue that pregnant women have to deal with is heartburn. This can make eating almost any type of food difficult, it can make sleeping flat on your back next to impossible, and it can cause you to throw up even more than usual because the acid pushes everything in your stomach up to the surface. Thankfully, your OBGYN has something that can help you deal with this as well. They can give you an acid-reducer that once again is going to be safe for the baby, and is going to help to reduce the amount of acid that is building up in your stomach each day. 

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