4 Signs You Need A Hearing Aid

Hearing loss can happen so gradually that it's easy to overlook until it becomes severe. The good news is that if your hearing loss is advanced enough, you may benefit greatly from a hearing aid. Here are four signs it's time for a hearing aid:

You're Having Frequent Misunderstandings

Sometimes, before hearing loss is recognized, it can lead to a sudden uptick in misunderstandings and arguments with loved ones. If you can't clearly make out what people are saying to you, or miss words and sentences spoken at a softer volume, your responses may sound as though you aren't listening at all or don't care what your loved one has said. This can result in everyone becoming frustrated and feeling misunderstood, whereas until recently communication was easy and friendly.

Your Family Has Complained About TV or Music Volume

If your family has started complaining that the television shows you watch or music you listen to are way too loud, but they sound perfectly normal to you, this can be a clear sign you need a hearing aid. As your hearing loss progresses, you need media to be louder and louder just to understand what is being said. Unfortunately, this leads to your TV and music being uncomfortably loud to everyone else. A hearing aid is a great solution to this issue.

You Find Yourself Reading Lips

You may not realize you're doing it at first, but when experiencing hearing loss it's normal to begin looking more and more at people's mouths when they speak in order to read their lips and figure out what they're saying. You may also rely more on body language and non-verbal cues than ever before.

You Feel Dizzy and Off-Balance

Some causes of hearing loss affect the inner ear, which is also responsible for balance. If you've been losing your balance or feeling dizzy recently, your doctor will need to examine your ear and rule out more serious causes as well as give you a hearing test to find out what is causing these problems.

If you have noticed any of these signs, it's important to schedule a hearing test soon. If needed, your doctor can then go over your options for hearing aids to improve your quality of life and help restore your hearing ability. Today's hearing aids are comfortable, unobtrusive, and even incorporate smart technology to make wearing them as easy as possible.

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