Five Things You Can Do To Protect Your Child From Health Issues Caused By Lead Exposure In Your Home

Lead exposure is a severely dangerous health threat that you need to protect your child from. Lead poisoning can cause pediatric health issues including developmental delays, nervous system dysfunction, and kidney damage. If you're living in an older home, your children may be particularly susceptible to the health consequences of lead exposure. 

Fortunately, you can protect you children from lead exposure even if you're living in an older home with the following five helpful tips:

Give you home a good cleaning

Simply giving an old home a good cleaning is a good way to clear away any potentially harmful dust or residue. 

One of the most common household substances in which lead is commonly found is paint. Painting or wallpapering over your old walls could be a good idea in an old home to keep lead safely sealed away and prevent exposure. 

Investigate any old paint or windows in your home before allowing your child to play near them

The parts of your home where lead exposure is most likely are your walls and windows. You should definitely investigate lead contents of walls and windows in an old home.

Don't allow your children to play around these home components in an older home you've just moved into until you have surfaces examined by an expert to detect lead content.

Don't let your kids play in open dirt around an old house before first planting grass or putting wood chips down

It's possible for children to become exposed to lead if they're playing outside in the dirt surrounding your older home. However, planting grass over exposed dirt or putting down wood chips is an effective means of preventing lead exposure. 

Have your home tested to detect any lead

You can take advantage of lead detection services to locate any components of your home that include substances with lead inside. This will make you aware of any lead exposure dangers and help you pinpoint where you need to focus in your efforts to protect your kids. 

Put some research into any home improvements you have performed

Home renovations are great for increasing the resale value of your home and improving everyday life for your home's residents. However, these home improvement projects can also stir up lead in an old home and increase the chances of exposure among your home's youngest residents.

Put some research and thought into carrying out home improvements in an old home so that you're aware of any lead exposure issues before you get started. Discuss the issue of lead exposure with your contractor to make sure you're fully aware of any issues and that you mitigate any risks during the renovation process. 

If your child has been exposed to lead paint or is showing any symptoms make sure to visit a reliable pediatrician like Entira Family Clinics.