Tips For Keeping Your Lower Spine Healthy After An Adjustment

If you have recently thrown out your lower back, then a chiropractic assessment and alignment can help to force your spinal vertebra back into position. After the adjustment, you want to keep your spine healthy. There are a number of ways to do this when it comes to the lower back. Keep reading to learn about a few options.

Avoid The Heels

The shoes that you choose to wear can have an astounding effect on the stress placed on your vertebrae. For example, if you wear high heeled shoes, your heel is forced upward. This places greater stress on the tibia, fibula, and femur bones that run down your legs, and the stress is also placed against the hip bones too. The stress and pressure can radiate to the lower back and cause misalignment issues. This is one reason why it is best to avoid high heeled shoes.

You also do not want to wear flip-flops or other flat shoes. Flat shoes do not support the arch of the foot. This means that the stress from walking can reverberate through the foot and all the way up to the spine. 

Always wear shoes with an arch support and make sure that you purchase new shoes as the arch flattens in your old ones. Typically, you want to buy new shoes once every three to six months. Of course, arch supports can be slipped into older shoes as well if you want to extend their life.

Strengthen The Core

You may understand that you need to stretch out the muscles along the lower spine to keep them from clenching and causing a back pain issue. You also need to work out the muscles along the abdomen. The ones that line the back and the ones across the abdomen are complimentary muscle groups that work together to support the spinal vertebrae. This is called your core, and there are a variety of exercises that allow you to strengthen your core.

A few of these exercises include crunches, bridges, planks, supermans, leg lifts, and abdominal presses. You should choose the exercises that you like best and then complete several sets of them. 

Keep in mind that you will need to rest your core after placing it under stress, so do not complete the exercises every day. A regimen that works out the muscles every other day or every two to three days is best. 

If you want to learn more about the type of shoes or exercise regimen that will work best to keep your lower back healthy, then speak with your chiropractic care professional about this.