Are You A Runner With A Plantar Wart? Talk To A Foot Doctor Right Away

Track runners need strong feet that are free from any difficulties in order to win at their preferred sport. However, plantar warts may make this success much harder. Thankfully, high-quality foot doctors can help to minimize the impact of this issue on their competition.

Plantar Wart Can Occur At Any Time

Plantar warts are not, technically, like other types of warts. They are an infestation of a different kind that typically occurs on the foot. While this infestation can happen anywhere on the body, it occurs most often on the foot because people are more likely to step on an infectious element than they are to touch it with their hands or other parts of the body.

The pain caused by this type of wart is due to the thick roots it sends out throughout the skin of the foot. When a person steps on a plantar wart directly, the roots will dig into the skin and cause an immediate painful reaction. For track stars, this pain can be calumnious their success on the track, particularly if they are sprinters.

Runners May Struggle To Avoid Pain

Though people can avoid plantar wart pain most of the time while walking, runners put a unique strain on their feet while they compete. For example, they will put more of their weight down on specific areas of the foot, which can put a serious strain on the plantar wart and its long and frustratingly-difficult to avoid roots.

This problem is particularly an issue for runners because their feet will repeatedly strike the ground during an average competition at a much faster rate than normal. As a result, the wart will be repeatedly agitated and may cause them to lose many competitions. Thankfully, treatment is available for this issue.

Immediate Treatment Minimizes the Trouble

The moment a runner notices a plantar wart developing, they should visit a foot doctor right away. These professionals will understand how to minimize the spread of the plantar wart and will provide treatment methods to get rid of it and to keep the foot free from further infestation.

For example, various forms of mild acid can kill the wart and let the foot doctor remove it carefully with light surgical means. Other methods – such as freezing – can also kill the root and make the wart fall out without spreading any more spores to other runners on a team.

So if you are a runner who can't seem to get past a plantar wart, please don't hesitate to contact a foot clinic, like Carolina Foot &  Ankle Specialists, right away to get help. These experts will work hard to minimize treatment pain and provide you with a foot free from annoying and painful plantar warts.