What Does A Sports Medicine Doctor Do?

You don't need to play sports professionally in order to be an athlete. Anyone who engages in exercise is taking part in an athletic pursuit. Unfortunately, injuries can arise as a result of exercise. Sports medicine doctors specialize in treating athletic injuries. Here are four things a sports medicine doctor can do for you:

1. Rule out broken bones.

People usually find themselves in a sports medicine doctor's office due to painful symptoms. Swelling, pain, and difficulty moving are common side effects of sports injuries. Before your physician can offer physical therapy, they first need to ensure you have no broken bones. Your doctor will send you for an x-ray, which can show bone fractures. If you have a bone fracture, you will need to wear a splint or cast until your bone heals.

2. Tape your injuries.

If a broken bone is not the cause of your pain, you probably have a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries can affect your muscles, tendons, and joints. Your sports medicine doctor may carefully palpate your injured body part to further diagnose your injury. You may feel some discomfort, but you can alert your doctor and ask them to stop at any time. If your joint is injured, your doctor may tape your injury. Athletic tape can be used to provide support to unstable joints. If your kneecap or elbow is being pulled out of alignment, athletic tape can help.

3. Recommend first aid treatments.

Many sports injuries will heal on their own if you treat them appropriately. Your doctor may advise resting the afflicted body part until it heals. You will likely need to cease or modify your exercise activities in the meantime. If your doctor feels you can benefit from a brace, they may prescribe one. Braces can be purchased over-the-counter, but your sports medicine doctor can recommend a style that will help your injury heal. Your doctor may also instruct you to ice your injured body part, elevating it whenever possible.

4. Provide physical therapy.

After your initial injury has healed, you may require physical therapy to regain full use of your injured body part. Physical therapy can help you strengthen weak muscles, which can provide necessary stability to joints. A sports medicine doctor can provide you with physical therapy exercises that can be completed in-office or at home. When combined with therapeutic massage and other injury therapy techniques, physical therapy can restore your body's strength and wellness.

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