Career Advice For Aspiring General Surgeons

A career in general surgery is a fantastic opportunity to perform important procedures that promote healing. If you're passionate about becoming one of these surgeons, these tips will be instrumental in helping you out from the beginning.

Find Out What This Role Involves

There is a pretty big difference between general surgeons and specialists. So that you end up in the right place and enjoy this profession for decades, it helps to review common procedures that you'll be performing as a general surgeon.

You can then quickly see if you like this line of work and have the right skills for it. Some of the more common surgeries these surgeons deal with include removing skin lesions, taking care of cysts, performing operations on the liver, and removing the gallbladder. If you like a broad range of services every day, then general surgery is for you. 

Be Prepared For the Grind

Since general surgeons perform many different types of surgeries, they're called upon quite frequently. That means your days are going to be very long and potentially labor-intensive. Being prepared for this amount of work is key because if you're not, you could face burnout early on in your medical career. 

You want to be comfortable being on your feet for most of the day, not going on regular breaks, and sometimes being without food for extended sessions. If you're okay with these physical demands, then you should be more than capable of pushing through when surgeries span several hours and even take up most of the day.

Try Getting Published Early On

You'll face many obstacles getting through medical training to become a general surgeon, but there will also be obstacles post-training when you're trying to find a position. You need to stand out so that you're not overlooked for other applicants, and in order to do this, consider getting published.

If one of your articles ended up getting published in a medical journal, that's quite the achievement that can get you an edge over competitors looking to be hired for the same position. You'll instantly make a splash because your name will carry weight with it.

General surgery is an important field of medicine, but it's also a challenging one. If you're okay with this and still want to pursue this career, then be mindful of things you can do to get yourself in a better position -- both in med school and after your training is complete. 

For more advice regarding general surgeons, contact a local surgical group.