Cleaning Your Hearing Aids At Home Isn’t Enough

Cleaning your hearing aids should be a ritual, and you should clean them every day regardless of how much you use them. However, cleaning your hearing aids by yourself might not be enough, and you may eventually want to have them cleaned professionally.

How Hearing Aids Become Dirty

A hearing aid is a small and delicate device that contains a lot of wiring and sophisticated technology. Therefore, there's a lot that can go wrong. A part of your hearing aid is exposed and this portion is bound to get dirty as a result of day-to-day use.

A Deep Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

Without the right equipment, it can be dangerous to clean the wax and oil that builds up without damaging the receivers and microphone. After your hearing aids have been cleaned, you'll be amazed by the improved audio quality of your hearing aids.

A great time to have your hearing aids cleaned is sometime during or after summer since residue is the most likely to build up around this time. If you live in a hot and humid climate, it might make sense to have your hearing aids professionally cleaned more than once a year.

Depending on the style of your hearing aid, you may want to have it cleaned every 6 months or even every 3 months. Dirt and oil will sometimes become lodged in hard-to-reach places and a hearing aid maintenance technician will usually be able to clean hearing aids much more rapidly.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Services Find Damage and Defects

Your hearing aid maintenance service will be able to identify problems with your hearing aids and will then be able to recommend repairs. The maintenance service will also be able to give you advice on how to lightly clean your hearing aids to make sure that you don't damage them accidentally.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips

Never clean your hearing aids using a novel method because you might accidentally damage them. Instead, you will want to use the cleaning kit that your hearing aids come with.

You might need special cleaning instructions if you wear earmolds. For example, while you should wash your earmolds thoroughly, you will want to make sure that they dry completely before you start using them again. Fortunately, your hearing aid cleaning appointment is usually very quick and you will not have to leave your hearing aids overnight.

Reach out to a hearing aid maintenance service for more information.