Six Things To Know About Using EO Sterilization To Clean Medical Devices

Sterile devices are essential at healthcare facilities to prevent infection in patients. Healthcare companies have numerous methods from among which they can choose to sterilize medical devices. EO sterilization is one of these methods.

The following are six things it's important to know about using EO sterilization to clean medical devices. 

EO sterilization can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi

EO sterilization is able to kill any type of organism that causes infection in humans. This method of sterilization is effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This means that it offers complete sterilization that can prepare a device for safe use in a healthcare context. 

EO sterilization doesn't require radiation exposure

One alternative method of sterilization involves using radiation to kill germs that cause disease. While this method may be appropriate in certain contexts, radiation exposure can cause some plastics to degrade.

EO sterilization does not require radiation and can be used on devices that include substances that are susceptible to radiation degradation. 

EO sterilization doesn't require exposure to heat or pressure extremes

Some materials can be sterilized through exposure to high temperatures or pressure. This can be an effective sterilization method, but it can also cause damage to fragile medical devices. Temperature and pressure extremes can cause certain materials to warp so that they no longer function properly. 

EO sterilization services are available to healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions do not need to do their own sterilizing if they use EO sterilization to sterilize medical devices. It's common for healthcare companies to outsource this task.

EO sterilization services free up healthcare staff by handling sterilization tasks. EO sterilization services are important because the ethylene oxide that is used in this sterilization procedure should only be handled by specialists. 

EO sterilization is widely used in the healthcare industry

EO sterilization is the most common method of sterilization used in healthcare. In fact, over half of all devices sterilized for use in medical care are sterilized using EO sterilization. This makes EO sterilization trusted, standardized, and widely accepted in the healthcare industry. 

EO sterilization can be used on a wide range of medical devices

One of the main advantages of EO sterilization that makes it so widely used is that it is relatively gentle. 

Many materials frequently used in medical devices, such as certain plastics, polymers, metals, and glass, can not stand up to the rigors of some less gentle sterilization methods. That's why EO sterilization is so heavily relied upon in healthcare.