Emergency Oxygen Options To Maintain At Home

There are various reasons your oxygen supply may be put into jeopardy. Most of the issues you may have will either deal with weather conditions such as power outages or supply issues from weather conditions. For example, you may have an issue getting refills for your tank or you may have no way to power your tank. In these cases, you need to maintain emergency options for your oxygen. Here are some of those options and what to consider about each. 

Oxygen Supplements

Several companies have made oxygen options known as oxygen supplements. These are used for absolute emergencies to help boost low oxygen until you can get your regular home oxygen tank or portable tank working. Many of these require no prescription and can be purchased in store or online. Keep in mind that these options, though ideal for severe emergency situations, are not prescribed. This means they may not meet your normal needs or intake for oxygen. Check with your physician to see which option may be the best for you from the available supplements on the market. 

Additional Battery Banks and Generators

An increasing number of backup and at home oxygen options use battery banks or rechargeable battery packs. In order to ensure you are able to obtain your oxygen during power outages or low supply times, make sure you have additional battery banks. You can buy these from your oxygen supplier or from an area medical supply store. You need to ensure these battery banks match your make and model of oxygen machine or portable oxygen equipment. An additional option is to expand your backup power supply to a generator that can run your oxygen easily. If fuel is an issue, you can find solar power generators for this. 

Backup Non-Electrical Tank Supply

The most important aspect of your backup and emergency oxygen supplies is to have a backup non-electrical tank supply. This means having a system that is battery operated, having the batteries to back up that system, and having the right oxygen tanks. If you don't have this type of system in your home and part of your supply, visit your oxygen supply store for options. Keep in mind, many companies have started creating options that are increasingly more portable and do not need electricity, like alpine oxygen

These are just a few of the options available to you for emergency oxygen options in case of a power outage or supply issue. Discuss the options with your doctor to ensure you can obtain these options and keep them on hand at home. You should also discuss concerns with your doctor about your oxygen needs as they may have solutions you may not readily think of.