What Are The Active Ingredients In Prescription Chigger Bite Ointments?

Chigger bites can be incredibly itchy and annoying. They might look similar to mosquito bites, but the itching and discomfort are much more intense. Some people find relief using over-the-counter remedies such as calamine lotion or essential oils. However, it is not uncommon for chigger bites to be so uncomfortable that the patient has to seek prescription treatment from a doctor. If you do see your doctor for chigger bites, they will likely prescribe you a cream to apply to them several times per day. Here are the key active ingredients you're likely to see in that cream, and how they work.


One reason why chigger bites get so bad is that patients tend to itch and scratch them. It's hard not to do this, but it does make the chigger bites even worse. To allow them to heal, you have to break the cycle of itchiness and itching, and an ingredient called benzocaine does that well. Benzocaine is in the same class of medications as the lidocaine your dentist may use to numb your mouth before a filling. Apply the chigger cream to the bites, and the benzocaine will numb the area and ease the pain. This, alone, can go a long way towards helping to heal your chigger bites. Once you stop itching, the skin can start to heal.


When a chigger bites you, your body reacts by producing proteins called histamines. These histamines are responsible for triggering all of the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction including swelling, redness, and itching.

Most chigger bite creams contain a medication called hydrocortisone. This is an antihistamine. It counteracts the effects of histamines on your body, and in some cases, stops your body from producing more histamine. You may have to apply the chigger bite cream a couple of times before the bites become noticeably less swollen and red, but thanks to hydrocortisone, this will happen.

There are over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams that can help heal chigger bites in a pinch. However, prescription chigger bite creams contain a higher concentration of this medication and will go to work faster and more effectively.

Chigger bites can be tough to deal with. If you find yourself with a few that keep itching and itching, don't delay seeking treatment. Prescription chigger bite creams with benzocaine and hydrocortisone can ease the pain both in the short term and long term. Talk to your doctor to learn more about ointments such as Bug Bash Ointment.