How To Keep Your Teeth Pretty After Having Them Whitened

It's no secret that having your teeth professionally whitened by a qualified dentist can take years off of your look, give you a confidence boost, and make your smile look fantastic in pictures. What you may not know is that the staining that caused your teeth to need a whitening procedure in the first place is a constant, ongoing process. If you want to keep your fabulous whitening results for longer, follow these simple rules.

See a Professional

Sure, you can whiten your teeth at home with over the counter strips and goop. The process used by cosmetic dentists, though, is much more effective and the results will last a whole lot longer. It's worth the time, money, and effort to locate a qualified dentist to whiten your teeth for you rather than wasting money on short term solutions. You can find a cosmetic dentistry clinic online at

Avoid These Teeth-Staining Beverages

You probably already have an idea which foods to avoid to keep your teeth whiter. Red wine, black tea and coffee are the usual suspects when it comes to staining teeth. All of these beverages contain chemicals called tannins. Do you know what else tannins are used for? Creating leather. Do you really want to put chemicals that take supple animal hides and turn them into tough leather in your mouth? It's no wonder they stain your teeth!

Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Not only is fresh produce fantastic for you on the inside, it helps keep the results of your teeth whitening procedure for longer. The acids in fresh foods help dissolve any staining materials on your teeth before they can set in, and crunchy foods like apples and carrots help scrub the surface of your teeth to keep them cleaner during the day. You will feel better and your smile will look better.

Give Up Bad Habits

There are two habits that most people are aware are terrible for them, yet they continue day after day. That's because these habits often fall under the definition of an addiction. You probably already knew that smoking or chewing tobacco is an addiction, and that it's terrible for your teeth, the soft tissues of your mouth, your throat and your lungs and stomach. Sipping soda all day is also a bad habit that may be an addiction for you. Soda is super-saturated with sugar, which is naturally an addictive substance, and when you add in the caffeine it's no wonder many people struggle to put down the fizzy drink. If you want your whiter teeth to stay whiter, though, giving up soda and tobacco are very important steps. Cola and tobacco stain teeth, and the sugar in any soda wreaks havoc on your tooth enamel, creating the perfect setup for tooth decay. 

Adopt Healthy Habits

You know that grimy feeling your mouth gets when you forget to brush? That's a buildup of the byproduct of bacteria in your mouth. Have you ever talked to someone too closely and regretted it when they spoke? That's bacteria breaking down food that is stuck in the crevasses of their mouth. Don't be that person. Having healthy oral hygiene is not difficult or time consuming. In fact, it takes you less than five minutes per day to take excellent care of your mouth, which includes flossing and brushing twice a day for two minutes. That's 0.3% of your day. Even if you're insanely busy every single day, you can make room for 0.3% more stuff in your day.

There are lots of ways to keep your teeth whiter for longer. Fortunately, all of these ways are not only good for your teeth, but for your whole body as well. Which healthy habit will you implement today?