Referred to a Cardiac Care Center for a Holter Monitor? Helpful Tips You Need to Know

If you've recently been experiencing irregular heart rhythm problems, your primary care physician will refer you to a cardiac care center. The cardiologist will likely direct you to wear a Holter monitor for 24 to 48 hours or longer, depending on your particular symptoms as well as your lifestyle. A Holter monitor is a wearable device that is a small electrocardiogram. It's helpful in providing an electrocardiogram readout during the entire time it's worn, which will help the cardiologist see irregularities that may not be seen otherwise. Read More 

Emergency Oxygen Options To Maintain At Home

There are various reasons your oxygen supply may be put into jeopardy. Most of the issues you may have will either deal with weather conditions such as power outages or supply issues from weather conditions. For example, you may have an issue getting refills for your tank or you may have no way to power your tank. In these cases, you need to maintain emergency options for your oxygen. Here are some of those options and what to consider about each. Read More 

FAQs About Skin Patch Allergy Testing For Contact Dermatitis

If you've been dealing with itchy, red, irritated skin that your doctor believes may be contact dermatitis, then you might be sent to an allergist for skin patch testing. This type of allergy test is meant to identify the substances you're allergic to. Then, you can know what to avoid and how to ease the symptoms of your contact dermatitis, going forward. As your skin patch test appointment approaches, you may find you have some of the following questions. Read More 

Six Things That A Visit To A Medical Spa Can Offer You As A Patient

Taking advantage of services from a medical spa can help you overcome numerous conditions and achieve better overall well being. It's important to be aware of all the different ways you can benefit from treatments offered by medical spas. The following are six things that a visit to a medical spa can offer you as a patient.  Assistance With Kicking Unhealthy Habits One common goal of medical spa treatment is kicking unhealthy habits that lead to health issues. Read More 

Visit A Hypnotist For Help With These Issues

Turning to a professional can help you to successfully make a number of positive changes in your life. If you've been struggling in one or more areas and you've recently decided that it's time to reach out for assistance, you may wish to visit a hypnotist. This counseling professional has the ability to help you with a wide range of issues, allowing you to enjoy an improved quality of life. If you're struggling with one of the following challenges, you may wish to consider one or more hypnosis sessions. Read More