Tips For Dealing With An Overactive Bladder While Travelling

Having an overactive bladder is annoying but manageable when you are at home or at a flexible job that will allow you to run to the bathroom at a moment's notice. However, it gets a lot less manageable when you are traveling, especially by plane. Here are some tips for managing your overactive bladder while traveling so that it doesn't ruin your trip. 1. Grab a Seat Close to the Bathroom on an Aisle When Flying Read More 

Identifying Signs To Stay Healthy - Signs You May Need Candida Treatment

Perhaps the biggest enemy of good health is ignorance. If you don't have an understanding of the way some symptoms interact with each other, you may not be able to give your doctor an accurate report of your medical condition, and he or she may be consequently unable to provide you with the treatment you need. When it comes to less common medical conditions, recognizing the signs that you need treatment is a vital first step. Read More 

Some Things You Need To Know About Stress Fractures Of The Foot

Taking care of your feet is very important. There are many people who don't understanding how to properly care for their feet, and, because of that, they end up having injuries. One common foot injury is stress fractures. Here are some things that you need to know about stress fractures of the foot. What Causes A Stress Fracture? Stress fractures happen when you put too much pressure of the same type and the same placement on your foot. Read More 

Don’t Deal with Dryness: Tips & Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is an often-painful condition that affects50% of post-menopausal women, and 17% of women aged 18- 50.  This is extremely uncomfortable and symptoms can include itching, burning, and pain during intercourse. There are some treatment options available to curb dryness, and your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that shows efficacy. Some things that cause vaginal dryness are: 1. Lack of estrogen. The primary cause of vaginal dryness is lack of estrogen, which typically occurs during menopause. Read More 

Could Your Foot Pain Be Serious?

Foot pain should never be ignored. Unfortunately, some people do ignore it and often miss the chance to receive non-surgical treatment that could alleviate the pain. Conditions, such as Morton's neuroma, are easily treated, but only if you get help as soon as possible. If you are experiencing pain between your third and fourth toes, there is a possibility that you have Morton's neuroma.   What Causes Morton's Neuroma? Morton's neuroma is a condition that causes nerve tissue in your foot to thicken. Read More